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Holly Arabians Breeding Classically Beautiful Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa, and Rare Black Egyptian Arabian Horses since 1982. Straight Egyptian, Endangered Tail Female Al Khamsa Egyptian Desert Bloodstock, and Rare Black Egyptian Arabians, for sale and at stud in Colorado.
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Holly Arabians was conceived by Holly based on her dreams as a little girl growing up on a dairy farm in Western Wisconsin; she dreamed the barns full of gentle Guernsey cows were instead filled with beautiful Arabian horses.  Horses filled her life, she read and studied until she was knowledgeable in all aspects of horse care, nutrition, breeding, conformation, genetics, and the ongoing study of the history and pedigrees of the Arabian horse; she rode for fun, for competition, and did some training.  In 1982 with the purchase of her first purebred Arabian mare the dream of breeding Egyptian Arabian horses began for real. What does KRH stand for?  It is our monogram, the combination of our initials K for Kim, R for Reuter, H for Holly. Starting in 1991 all of the horses we breed carry this prefix as part of their registered name, prior to 1991 horses we bred do not carry our prefix. When Holly started breeding the AHA registry did not have a breeder designation for leased horses or horses purchased on terms, so some of the first horses we bred do not show up with Holly listed as the breeder. 
Based on her dreams Holly is committed to preserving Asil bloodstock of the Straight Egyptian and Egyptian Related  Al Khamsa Arabian horse,  horses with some of the purest and rarest blood available in Arabian breeding.  Straight Egyptian horses make up only 3% of the total Arabian population yet their quality and prepotency is such that some percentage of Egyptian blood is in over 90% of National winning show horses.  Asil Al Khamsa Egyptian horses, a breeding group truly worthy of preservation.
The foundation of our breeding program represents the best of Egyptian bloodlines imported by Glennloch, Babson, Bentwood, Ansata and other breeders who imported Classic Egyptian stock. We are not just preserving the pedigree but the classic conformation, type, spirit, and loyalty that have made the Arabian horse a priceless treasure since the beginnings of time. Exquisite and unique our horses have the qualities admired by horsemen centuries ago and still cherished and sought after today, and although we do not breed exclusively for color  with these bloodlines we often get the added beauty of the true, rare black Arabian. 
Holly's goal is to maintain a herd of breeding stock with the original qualities of the Desert Arabian horse of the Bedouins with close pedigree's to the original imports from   Egypt. We our proud to have as our foundation get and grand get of Alaa El Din, Ansata Abbas Pasha, Ansata Sokar, Asjah Ibn Faleh, Bahim Hisan, El Dere, *Morafic, *Ibn Moniet El Nefous, The Egyptian Prince, *Ibn Hafiza, Ibn Morafic, Moniet El Sharaf, Shamruk+, Thee Desperado, Fabah, Faaris, Serr Echo, Roufah, and Sabrah. We are dedicated to the  preservation of these increasingly rare bloodlines to preserve genetic diversity in the Egyptian Arabian horse.
The bloodlines we have selected produce stylish, elegant moving horses, that are perfectly suited to the athletic endeavors of the Show Ring, Sport Horse, and Endurance events.  We have produced Egyptian Event Top 10 Halter horses, Sweepstakes Top 10 and Class A Halter and Performance Champions.   These ribbons are particularly cherished as we exclusively train and handle our own horses with the love, kindness, and respect that they thrive on and return our friendship with their loyalty and best work. We feel one of the most important characteristics of our horses is their Live In Your Tent Disposition, and their intelligent willing attitudes.  Our horses are a joy to be around and they like to be around you. Training and living with our horses is a pleasure.
Holly has always delighted in sharing her experiences and knowledge of horses and pedigrees  with new owners and breeders. She has been a member of the Arabian Horse Association Mentor program and Arabian Horse Discovery Farm program since its inception.  Your visit and questions are welcome.
Holly's husband Kim is an integral part of the dream, designing and building our barns, custom stalls, fences and hauling hay.        I joke he is a horseman by marriage, but he has an exceptional talent handling horses, and assists in showing halter horses, breeding and foaling. Kim has a creative side and does all of our video and as a chef he does the cooking for all of our farm get togethers. I couldn't do it without him!
Dreams do come true! If you are searching for a dream come true, we have breeding stock, show horses, and family horses for sale.  Beautiful horses of quality with impressive pedigrees, willing attitudes and loving dispositions; or create your own dream and breed to one of our classic Egyptian Arabian stallions. 
Holly with KRH Amira Bint Ruqa
Kim & KRH Amir El Bataa
Kim and his “Cat”
Kim & KRH Shah Lateef
KRH Amira Mist Sabbah A Rare Black SE AK granddaughter of The Egyptian Prince. Only 21 exist per 2012 AHA records and we bred 2 of them. The other we own is KRH Latifa. Both are by our EE Top 10 Stallion KRH Amir El Bataa.
Three of our Foundation Mares
Mountain Fyre *Rasheek x Abas Bint Hekmat
Moniet El Bataa Moniet El Sharaf x *Bint Binte el Bataa
AK Nessima Moniet El Sharaf x Serenity Manal
Holly Arabians is located at our KRH Ranch 20 minutes east of Colorado Springs, Colorado, and only  1/2 mile off of State Hwy 24; this is a convenient location giving us easy access to Colorado Springs to the West; Denver to the North; and Pueblo to the South and easy for visitors to locate. Situated on 80 acres of the high desert prairies of Colorado we have beautiful views of  Pikes Peak and the Colorado Rocky Mountains. 
The facilities are designed for the comfort and safety of our horses. Our indoor arena is 80 x 200 and the main barn is 40 x 200, both are insulated to keep them cool in summer and warm in winter, and quiet during hail storms.  Kim has designed and fabricated custom stalls that are a minimum of 12 x 12 in dimension and are very open and bright in design so that all horses, even the stallions who are kept side by side, can socialize with each other and with visitors. Foaling camera's are used to monitor foaling. We have 4 large pastures each 10 to 25 acres in size and 2 small pastures, the stallions have turnouts that are about 2 acres in size, they have room to run and play, graze, and they can over see the mare and foal pastures.
Quality care and nutrition is extremely important to us and all horses are fed premium alfalfa hay (grass hay by request), a custom 14% grain mix, and free choice minerals and salt are always available. Additional feed and supplements to help aging individuals are fed as needed. We treat visiting client horses like our own.   Colorado  is almost paradise but strong winds of 20 to 40 mph with gusts to 80 mph, we aren't exaggerating about the wind! Combined with summer lightening and hail storms and severe winter storms mar the mild climate; to give our horses safety from severe storms and lightening we bring them into the barns when severe weather threatens.  Our horses are raised to form life long bonds of affection and loyalty with their human family.  The horses are handled with loving care on a daily basis.  Foals and young horses receive special attention to develop their trust and create a bond of friendship; lessons in manners and basic handling are a part of their life from the moment they are born. The handling and affection we give our horses creates horses that are trusting friends and willing partners in any endeavor you choose.